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Heronsbridge School

Heronsbridge School, Ewenny Road, Bridgend, CF31 3HT

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Who we are

A big welcome to the 14-19 Department of Heronsbridge School. We are extremely proud of our Department and the many learning opportunities offered to our students. Our School Prospectus will give you greater insight into the formal learning opportunities that are on offer to our students at all levels of ability.

Although the school provides a wide range of experiences many, as you will see, happen outside of the school as we collaborate strongly with neighbouring schools and the local college. These partnerships promote our aim of creating a broad and balanced curriculum whilst developing in students the confidence and social skills to learn in new environments and to make new friends. Students also benefit from wider professional input in the form of Careers Wales, Enterprise opportunities, Business Links and the support of various health professionals.

A strong curriculum and our collaborations allow us to achieve our major goal, to prepare and equip our students with the skills and knowledge to actively engage in life and work. We are proud of our many achievements where high expectations lead to the highest of standards. Our students develop confidence, independence and self-worth, where both academic standards and student wellbeing are our priority.

FUN is also on our agenda and our enrichment learning experiences provide plenty of opportunities for this. Look in the Gallery for a taster of what's happened this year... you'll be amazed!


The idea of enterprise and business opportunities has been embedded in the school for many years. Recently, students managed a business called TIP TOP TREATS providing specialist sweetie treats for customers within school and the wider community. They provide specialist gifts for key annual events such as Christmas and Valentine's Day. They also make fruity bouquets and provide a valuable school service in the form of a Fair Trade Trolley round with healthy sweet and savoury snacks. Enterprise allows students the opportunity to develop essential skills for life such as numeracy, literacy and social skills as well as the ability to work as part of a team and listen to and value the opinions of others.

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Why choose Bridgend?

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We are currently sourcing case studies of students from Bridgend schools and these will be uploaded soon.

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