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Why Tourism?

This course aims to help students understand the different elements which make up the tourism industry: customers, stakeholders, technology, destinations and host communities. Students will learn about the wider ethical, social and cultural dimensions of tourism, and they will understand its impact on the environment and the importance of sustainable development.  


Unit 1 - The United Kingdom Tourism Product (external assessment)

The aim of this unit is for learners to:

  • understand what the United Kingdom offers to inbound and domestic tourists
  • appreciate the range of employment opportunities available in the tourism industry.

The UK is one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations.  Why are so many tourists attracted to the UK?  What are the main attractions? Are all the visitors on holiday or do they visit for other reasons? Why are increasing numbers of people taking domestic holidays in the UK rather than travelling abroad?

The tourism industry is one of the biggest employers in the UK.  Jobs can be permanent or temporary, part-time or seasonal.  What careers are available within the UK tourism industry?

Unit 2 - Worldwide Tourism Destinations (internal assessment)

The aim of this unit for learners to understand that:

  • all tourism destinations have a range of attractions and facilities 
  • destinations acquire an image and reputation that affects the types of tourists to whom they appeal. 

Not all destinations are alike, not everyone travels for the same reasons. Why do people want to travel to tourism destinations?  Is it only for a holiday or is it for other reasons?   What types of holiday are there?  People no longer just take ‘sun, sea and sand’ holidays; there are so many different types of holiday available.  What factors motivate people to travel?

How are tourism destinations marketed?  What are appropriate marketing materials?

Unit 3 - The Dynamic Tourism Industry (external assessment)

The aim of this unit is for learners to understand that:

  • tourism is an ever-changing industry which has to adapt quickly to external pressures and changes in society at the national and global scale

Does the tourism industry have any control over a hurricane having a devastating effect on a Caribbean island or severe snow storms in southern England?  Clearly not.  The tourism industry has to respond to many environmental, economic and political events over which it has no control.  These are called external pressures.

Unit 4 - Event and itinerary planning (internal assessment)

The aim of this unit is for the learner to: 

  • understand the process of event management and the nature of tour itineraries within the UK.

What is a tourism event and what makes a successful tourism event?  Events do not just happen; they take weeks, months and in some cases years of planning.   What goes into the planning of a tourism event?  How do the various elements of event planning combine to make a tourism event successful or not?

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