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Music Technology

Why Music Technology?

New technologies and techniques are changing creative expression in music. Today's audio and music industry whether studios, production companies, or tech firms look for practitioners who think outside the box but also know what goes on inside it. Studying this subject opens career pathways from musical practice and professional sound to acoustics and audio software development. It allows you to explore a range of technological and musical innovations and develop the skills that may shape the future of audio.

Summary of content

The Pearson BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Music Technology is a vocational qualification, equivalent in size to an A level. All the content of this qualification, mandatory and optional, relates directly to the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to progress to higher education courses in the music sector. It covers many aspects of the music sector and related sectors. The qualification includes three distinct vocational pathways – Events Support, DJ Technology, and Production - which reflect the structure of the industry.         

Learners have some opportunity to study in more depth a range of option areas of their choice, including acoustics for musicians, live sound techniques and sequencing systems and techniques in the Production pathway.

The units are drawn from a wide range of topics and are designed to support the three pathways. The pathways consist of 1 mandatory unit plus a specialist unit or 2 mandatory units and then a choice of 4 optional units. The details of all the units can be found in the full specification by following the link from this page.

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