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Art and Design - 3D

Why Art and Design - 3D?

The creative industries are respected internationally and form an important part of the UK economy. In 2014, the government reported that the creative industries were worth £8 million an hour to the economy, approximately £71.4 billion per year. Figures from 2012 show that 5.6 per cent (1.68 million) of all jobs in the UK were in the creative industries and that it was one of the fastest growing areas of employment. Art and design education provides training and support for occupations in the creative industries such as designers, artists, photographers and museum and gallery staff. 

This course will develop your specialist skills in design. You will develop a personal response to ideas and look at the work of established designers, developing a sound understanding of the design process and how to respond to a brief. This will be achieved through research, drawing, designing and illustrating. Research of trends will also be covered, along with the development of techniques including manipulation of mixed media, and designing outcomes using CAD/CAM for production by a 3D printer (out of school) and laser cutting in a range of materials.

Art and design education provides training and support for occupations in the creative industries such as designers, artists, photographers and museum and gallery staff.


Unit 1 - Visual Recording and Communication

(mandatory, external assessment)  

Visual recording and communication are the building blocks on which to develop skills and creative practice in art and design. They underpin all areas of art and design and the development of these skills is a vital part of contemporary vocational practice. Visual recording and communication is based on observation of primary and secondary sources, the development and use of formal elements and the appropriate selection of materials, techniques and processes. In this unit, you will develop your visual recording and communication skills through exploration and experimentation with materials and methods, gaining confidence in your ability to create work and express and communicate ideas.

Unit 2 - Critical and Contextual Studies in Art and Design

(mandatory, external assessment) 

Critical and contextual analysis of art and design work provides opportunities to discuss relationships between the themes within the work and how these relate to wider issues and debates. Being able to carry out contextual research and critical analysis of art and design work allows you to better understand the work of others and helps to widen your own creative perspective and develop your creative practice.  In this unit, you will develop contextual research and critical analysis skills.

Unit 3 - The Creative Process

(mandatory and synoptic, internal assessment)  

 It is often said that artists and designers follow a creative process when producing their work.  This can start with inspiration and include elements of research, experimentation and refinement, ending with the final realisation. Often artists and designers will use these activities to develop their own ways of working as they explore and cultivate their creative practice.  In this unit, you will explore the activities within the creative process.

Unit 13 - 3D Design Materials, Techniques and Processes

(internal assessment)

There are a whole range of 3D materials that are used to create objects, art and artefacts that surround us every day. From the crockery in your kitchen to your favourite piece of jewellery to a bespoke piece of furniture, there are many applications of material and many techniques and processes. Each artist and designer must thoroughly understand their chosen material to be able to design and create a successful piece. What are the materials’ characteristics? What are the best techniques and processes to use? How do you produce the effect and surface quality that you want to achieve?  This unit will introduce you to a range of 3D materials, techniques and processes through a thorough, in-depth investigation.

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